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Inter Locking Block Machine

Inter Locking Block Machine

A case that they need an Inter locking block machine.

When they have a Repair plan, Maintenance plan, Construction plan, Public plan, Expansion plan at a Port, Road and Air port, they use a lot of Inter locking blocks for roads, sidewalks, parks, parking lots, gardens, squares, ditches and container yard in developing countries. Now there are few big machines to be capable of mass production at one time. Therefore they need Inter locking block machines.

Are you sure which machine you should purchase?
Failure in selecting a machine will cause immeasurable loss.

The merits of our Japanese automatic Interlocking Block Machine are;

1jNot a warp in a pallet, or a crack in the products will be fund because the machine has steel pallet.
2jYou can produce stronger products than the way of natural dryness by using automatic caring room.
3jThis machine has an automatic caring room. Usually there may be some warps and cracks because they usually use a hoist or a lift to carry products without caring room. Working space will be smaller and need fewer workers.
4jThe machine can pile products on pallets and bind them by plastic string for shipment automatically.

Like this you can produce high quality products efficiently.

used machine