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HEB-4 advantage

mix propotion of japanese block


1. This block has good adiabatic effects.

There is a hollow in the center of block, because of adiabatic effects outside heat will not also conduct into inside in summer time. Also in winter time, outside cold air will not conduct.

2. The maintenance of strength is easy.

In the placement for making stranger block, utilizing ƒ³9m/m Ferro concrete in length & broad and using mortar shall make it three times strength.

3. The adhesion with mortar cement is good.

Regarding outside & inside wall finishing mortar works, the adhesion between block mortar and finishing is excellent.

4. Cutting block is easy.

The set-up of block products can easily cut blocks.

5. Any part of construction site can utilize blocks.

In construction site, you can substitute blocks for all parts of bricks.

6. Expenses in construction site shall be highly cut down.

Expenses in construction site shall be highly cut down. Set-up of block products shall make speed up, material cost (mortar, etc) and labor cost shall be cut down.

7. About 8 blinks are equal to 1block.

About 4 bricks are equal to 1 block, transportation of blocks shall save@money labor expenses shall be cut down.


1. Aggregater

Roll materials with blades in an aggregater and divide them evenly.

2. Vibration

Make a block vibrate and prevent the block from having bubles.

3. Hydraulic pressure

Put about 3t hydraulic pressure on a block.

4. Super screw mixer

Stir materials with right and left screw blades in short time.

5. Electric over load safety system

When a load has been added to each motor,the motor stops.

Stand size@-@Weight

1. Measure 7.5g@@@190mm
2. Measure 16g@@@390mm
@ @
3. Measure Weight / 1pcs
3g 7‚ƒ‚ 8‚‹‚‡
4g 10‚ƒ‚ 10‚‹‚‡
5g 12‚ƒ‚ 12‚‹‚‡
6g 15‚ƒ‚ 15‚‹‚‡
8g 19‚ƒ‚ 18‚‹‚‡

Stadard Mixture

Capacity : IN 1‚3@about 2,000‡s@iTotal Weightj
SAND@ @F@@60 “
GLAVEL@F@@30 “
CEMENT@F@@6`12 “

Capacity of Per Mixing : IN 0,3m3@iTotal Weight About 600‡sj